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This is incredible, and I cannot wait for the full release of this game. That being said, I want this to be the best game it can be, so I'd like to level my biggest criticism, which is the level design. It's a little samey, and something that bothers me more actually is it suffers from one of my biggest problems with DOOM 2016, and that's that not only is it samey in design, but the look is too similar. My biggest problem with that game was that it was one red room to another, it was nearly all reds and grays, and it got a little grating on the eyes. I loved the parts where you could go outside, that was great, and I think the more aethetic variation there is to the levels while still sticking to the overall look and feel of the game the better. That all being said, it was still an incredible experience and I'm so excitied to buy the full release!

The plan is for each layer of Hell to have a distinct visual style. I do agree the Prelude ended up being too samey and boring though, so once the rest of the game is done I might go back and redo some of it to make it a bit more interesting.

Ahh, I see! Well, I'm super excited for it, you've got something great here! Such a good mix of mechanics, it's awesome! Keep up the amazing work!