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Those will be fixed in the full version.

Parried projectiles will go to where you're currently aiming.

Malicious Faces dont take damage from explosions so if you're trying to use those they're not very effective. The non-boss versions have less health than the boss version.

There will be easier difficulty modes in the full game.

The Swordsmachine breaking I'm aware of but have no idea what causes it yet. The fight does still work, but you won't know how much health he has.

It was originally that way but was removed for balance reasons. Not much point to the whole health system if you can just run away and hit some bodies a couple times to get your health back.

Maybe for the full release, but no promises.

What a bizarre bug. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you show a video of what's happening? You wont get a high jump if you dash too early, but if you can't get that high even without dashing at all, something's gone wrong.

Just once is enough. Dash at the height of your jump. If you're still having trouble, you can see me doing it at 0:20 of this video.

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Since you seem to have missed the response on the Discord, during the part in the tutorial that teaches you to dash, you're supposed to dash in the air to cross the gap.

I'll look into it.

"Standard" and "Violent" are the only difficulties available in the Prelude. In the full game you will be able to pick from any of the difficulties in that menu.

Currently it's a sphere collider rather than actually being based on where the blood sprays to make sure you can't get fucked over by RNG. I'll take a look at tweaking it, though.

The full version will have easier difficulty modes if the bosses are too hard currently.

Just placed a sphere collider trigger on the player that checks when a wall is inside it. When the player jumps, it checks the direction by comparing the sphere’s position with the closest point on the wall’s collider. Then resets vertical velocity and adds upwards + direction force.

Are you using the linux version? No idea what causes it but it’s a common problem on linux. Will look into it when I have time.

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Nice visuals, mostly good sound, great music, decent gamefeel but very poor balancing for combat, ammo and procedural generation.

Worth a couple tries.

Edit: Balancing has been improved with an update.

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Sorry, but this prelude is all you're gonna get until the game comes out on early access in 2020. I post development updates on youtube and twitter so people can see how it's progressing, which is why there are videos of levels that aren't in the demo.

Have you tried turning off or toning down some of the PSX effects? That tends to help with clarity for people who have issues.

3. The shop has a description that tells you what it does.

4. Probably around $15 or so.

Coins already chain, if you hit a coin it'll prioritize other coins and hit those instead of an enemy, increasing the power of the shot with each coin.

It should, but I havent had the chance to try. Give it a shot and let me know.

I'll take a look at fixing that.

It might be too hard too early for the full game, so I might make them easier there, but since they're the final boss of the demo, I'm fine with them being really hard in this. If you're having trouble with an enraged Cerberus, you should try getting them both to low health before killing one. That way you can quickly kill the other before it can do much in rage mode.

It wouldn't be much of a secret if I just told you, but I can tell you it's in 0-2.

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None of his swings can reach you if you're in the air, so jumping around helps.

Also remember that you're fully invincible for the entirety of your dash, so you can pass through sword swings.

Sorry, but the content in the demo is all the content you're gonna get until the full game comes out.

I started around 3 or 4 or so years ago, mostly just doing small projects like experiments and jam games. ULTRAKILL is my first big project :)

Fun video, thanks for playing

No problem, glad it works :)

It's out, let me know if it's broken.

I'll be uploading a linux build alongside the windows build once 1.03 is done.

I'll watch it anyways :)

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

I'm planning on taking a look at optimizing the gore and explosions a bit more in the future, but at the moment, the graphics options give you options for simpler explosions as well as how much blood you get per hit in case your performance gets real bad.

The problem with the Cerberus fight is that its difficulty is incredibly split -- For some people who had trouble with Swordsmachine, they get Cerberus with one try, for some others it takes over 20 to get it down. It really depends on how much you've gotten used to the movement of the game and when the right moment to go in to heal is.

Balance changes will keep happening overtime, though. If a lot of people find Cerberus too hard, I'll ease the fight up a bit.