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I have mixed feelings about this.

As a player:
I found it enjoyable but wish there was some game in it. Perhaps that is because it is only a short introduction chapter.
You don't really have any options (apart from snacks), and are forced on the rails into each part. This is even more so by the end where you can't even turn around.

As an interactive horror movie this works well, as you can focus the audience where you want them and direct the pace, but as a game it falls rather flat.

As a developer:
The design is a bit mixed which is a real shame. This is obviously due to the mix of pre-made and self-made meshes.
Guys, the dashboard in the car ? Really ?
You could also easily find a decent steering wheel somewhere.
This is the players first contact with the game, sitting in the car looking at a car body and scenery from a modern PC game, and a stearing wheel and dashboard from a 90s console game.

I suggest even though the items may not be needed, that making more of the objects in the cabin interactive, have info, or have the voice say something about it.
The open medikit should have raised some sort of comment from the character.
Coming in from the cold and standing near the fire should get some sort of comment about relief and warmth.

It felt weird that I could not pickup the torch again when going to the door, and then the animation made me pick it up when opening the door.
These are 2 disconnected things. Don't worry about the player fogetting the torch.
As long as the player cannot see far out the door they will pick it up before stepping out.
I see why you did it, because once out the door you cannot return.
Rely on map design, sounds and signals to the player where they need to go, like you did at the car.
You force control on the player after the bridge anyway so it didn't seem like you needed it at the cabin.

Not knowing if, when or why I was in control was a bit anoying for a game, but for an on-the-rails horror movie I look forward to more.