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While playing, when I went into the bathroom I couldn't see her. I could hear the sound of footsteps when walking. Left the bathroom and it went back to normal.

I saw someone on youtube play this and immediately had to get it! I absolutely love games with this sort of theme, graphics, everything. My PS4 controller worked perfectly as well! I was extremely surprised(and still am!) with how the game doesn't have any sort of lag! Usually almost any sort of game lags on my laptop(as it's a few years old at least). No FPS drop or anything! Almost wept tears of joy. I'm so glad I got to experience this.

Yes, there is such a bug that you sometimes appear behind a door. This will be fixed soon. But I'm glad it didn't stop you from having fun ^^
I put a lot of work in optimizing the game. It runs on my 10+ years old laptop aswell : p so any pc will run this : )