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What I liked about the game:

1. Graphics  are sooo immersive! I just couldn't believe how good they are!

2. The game is scary. I mean, I haven't expected the spoops right off the bat and they got me good!

3. The enemy is cool. The way you have to face it is nice because it's not only running. Very interesting.

4. Locations are very detailed. You can find Rubik's cube in the vents, piggy bank on the shelf, cars and tools in the background. I liked it very much!

What I dislike about the game:

1. Lack of lore. I hope I can find out more in the ull game. I want to know who main character is, why everyone hates them and why do they go in the house.

2. Very short, but I understand that this is the point of the demo.

3. Not a lot of interactable objects. Hope there will be more in the full release. That would be cool if random objects would make sounds when you interact with them, at least.

4. You can't go to bath at the end :(

Overall, this experience was awesome! Can't wait for more. The game is the third in me vid) I rate this demo 5/5. Loved it! Good job, developer.

Hi, We are Weaveractive Video Game Studio !

First of all, Thank you for playing Our game! 

Comments for Critics you mentioned:

1.  We will add Cinematic Scene which players can understand about our concept. (Now working on it) It will contained in 2nd demo.

2. Sry for that :( But its our first demo. 

3. We are developing many contents now! As you said, there will be more and more interaction in full release.

4. haha, Its closed now. 

Thanks again and We expect you to play our 2nd demo in summer!

Thank you for replying! I will definetely play your second demo!

Erderi! Thank you again, and Write this comment to announce our indiegogo page opend. You can see many atrractive perks. You can Support us to keep developing it :)