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So I downloaded this game not being sure about it or the artstyle. But let me say, that as time went on, I fell in love with Noct (though I only got the friend ending, but I really wanted the more romantic ending. Not sure how to get it though. Guess I have to replay it.) I never even saw Carol, but I was fine with it because I was going to go for Noct first. I guess I have to figure out how to get to his route too. Anyways, I did not expect this game to be played for 3 hours. I thought it was going to be a short game, but I was wrong. I loved it so much though. I loved Noct's and Jas's interaction with each other. I'm glad she wasn't like the typical MC. She was hilarious. Keep up the good work!


im glad you gave it a try and im glad you liked noct! i hope you enjoy carol's route!

in order to get the romance endings, you're gonna basically have to do a little roleplaying. you have to pick the choices that fit with jazz's character, and, well. she's an overdramatic tsundere. if she doesn't start screaming over valentine's chocolates being embarrassing, she doesn't see the boy as a love interest. you'll know you're on the right path if she calls carol cute or noct's smile blinding.

also, the very first choice determines whether you're on noct's route or carol's route. there's very little overlap between the two choices.

i'm glad you liked it! again, i hope you enjoy carol's route! thank you so much for your comment!

I didn't know the first choice was going to influence who you go for. I thought it was going to introduce both characters in the same storyline. I'll try Noct's route again by picking the most overdramatic tsundere answers.


that's the spirit! 

also lol. it was supposed to introduce them both but then that was a lot of work so i decided not to