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Hello! Thank you so much for the translation! We created a Crowdin project some days ago to host all of Pixelorama's translations there, and to make contributing translations easier! We have imported your translations there, but if you'd like to contribute more words in the future or make changes, make sure to use it, since it'll make your job easier!

Let us know how you'd like to be credited (what name you want us to use to credit you) and we will add it in the next version. Thank you very much!

thank you for your reply.
My Chinese name is: Chenxu Wang
Account can use wcxu21

Happy New Year!!


Awesome, thank you very much! You will be credited as "Chenxu Wang (wcxu21)" in the next version of Pixelorama! Happy new year to you too!

Only Chenxu Wang. Thank you!:-D