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So you stated in your "ReadMe" document that, you must press Q at the menu of the game to restart.However, one of the endings simply doesn't open the menu as it forces you to that screen. How else would I restart this game? Where is the game saves located? I really wanted my friend to play this when I get to his house but there is no way for me to restart the progress. 

Also, to mention, this game is perhaps the best experience I've had in a horror game! The amount of times this game scared me cannot compete with Outlast or any other horror game. I'd like to thank you for that.


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the experience! And for the reset, I figured out during testing that when the game is loaded to the final ending message scene, the Q key still works for the reset menu without requiring the main menu screen.

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I didn't know that the ending screen was actually something that was meant to load to open a new menu. Sorry for the disturbance and thank you in the meantime for looking over it.