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Hey it's me again could you respond, IF YOU DO REALLY READ THIS,on here my email is glitchen.

12. Should be able to host olympics, maybe if you add the my skier thing where you could ski let him or her play in it as well, with solomon and all that 



Hi! I do read, but not every morning as I'm part of the dev team ^^

Anyway, thanks for playing! To answer your 'suggestions':

1. You can use itchio application or wait for the release on Steam. Itchio application deal with update automatically. if you don't use it, you have to erase the old version and download the new on at every update.

2. Yes! We're working on it

3. Yes!

4. Snowtopia is based on self-managed society. There will be no money.

5. YES! The best part, obviously haha

6. Yes!

7. We would like (very much) a night and day cycle as well, but it's a very long term goal for us.

8. Topology is so important in this game that we don't know yet if this random system will be adequate.

9. First person camera is a big yes

10. Sorry, I didn't get this one

11. We're focusing the development on the skiing area and not on the accommodation in the village. But we do have specialization system in mind for this part.

12. Events and stuff like that would be great. But it's also a long term feature. Or a very simple one.

Have a good day!