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I had this same problem multiple times, you need to click the lamp on the far right, then spin a green sign then the camera will turn to the purple vending machine. If you can light the vending machine then you can progress, if not you need to restart and try again as the hot spot after the vending machine won't appear unless the vending machine turns on which in turn won't work unless you spin the sign in the shop. Sometimes the game will move forward before you spin the sign if you click on the orange lamp on the top right in the lamp shop and block your progress. Phew!


Thanks for this! There seems to be a sneaky little hotspot in the light scene that shouldn't be there and it's triggering things out of order! I'll try and get it fixed today!




Awesome! Thank you very much for the info! Yeah, looks like I was clicking on the wrong hotspot and getting stuck. Managed to play through the rest of the game and loved it. Thanks! :)

That's great to hear! Thanks for persevering! :D


No problem! Absolutely love the game. Great work! Have done a short write up here: :)


That's awesome, thank you! :D