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Okay, I just want to say first off the music and art style in this are a straight 10/10 really great atmosphere, but the controls really let this game down a bit, most of the time they were fine, but for certain jumps that required very precise movements I felt like a lot of the time my success was attributed mainly on luck and not skill with my main problem steming from the broken leg jump where you can't move very precisely. Other than that I really enjoyed my short but sweet time with this game and I am looking forward to future projects from you. Great job dude


People who have played seem to be pretty much in agreement when it comes to the movement. I definitely experienced the awkwardness that you and others described during playtesting but decided to go ahead with the system I had. The reaction to it has been a pretty good lesson on avoiding prioritizing aesthetics/realism over the feel of the game, so I'm at least glad to have made that mistake early on. It helps a lot to hear what people think, so thanks for the feedback, positive and negative, and of course thanks for playing!