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Sorry for the crashing! I haven't encountered that error. It could be something related to Windows 7 (There's some compatibility stuff fixed in Windows 10), or another application affecting NOLF (like a third party anti virus, rivatuner statistics server, or a overlay.)

Unfortunately there's not a lot I can debug here. I've fixed quite a few bugs for the next release which might help but that's still a bit aways. 

Are you using an official disk install or the nolf revival release? I've developed some of the fixes off the no cd patched exe so having the original release run might cause some problems. (I'll be bundling it in with the next release.)

thanks for the reply,  i've tried for both the retail disk and the revival release versions with the same results.

Darn! Well if disabling some background applications that you aren't actively using doesn't help, you could try the other fix I made for NOLF. 

It uses a different method and isn't as extensive as modernizer but it plays the game just fine!

Download the NOLF revival version (Beta 2!), and disable modernizer.rez from Custom Rez (And any other custom rez file!) Then add "-rez lithfix" (not including the quotes!) to your Advanced Command Line.

Speedrunners use this release because modernizer changes things up a bit too much, so it's pretty stable and should work fine!

thanks again but the results are the same, maybe its windows 7 or something else on my end.

Odd. Apologies that neither method worked! Hopefully one day this can be re-released for sale with a wider fixing patch!