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Fun game. As a Trek nerd who loves to play FTL, this was a cool little reversal of roles for me. Sometimes it gets old trying to keep those squishy little bastards alive. I'm sorry nameless crewman #8, I can't open that door.

I liked having to figure it out with no hints, although I think I may have missed something. For example, I wasn't sure what the electricity icon tied to or what conditions were required to kill someone in the computer core(?) even though I did manage to vaporize someone in there once. Still enjoyed it quite a bit. I'd love to see this fleshed out into a larger game.

Thank you for playing and for the compliments!

Yes, the game doesn't explain anything, but I'm glad hearing from people who enjoy figuring out stuff :) The electricity icon shows the status of the ships power core in the back of the ship (I guess you thought it's the computer core). You can override the power core and fill the machine room with deadly radiation as soon as the powe icon has filled up.