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I really love the game for the gameplay, and it's concept. I have completed the first/second hour. And, tbh this feels like the full game, except more hours in development. I just have 1/2 questions. Can you/are you going to make a version for iOS and MacOS? I do have a Windows PC and my old Android phone and an Android emulator, but I'd like to play this game on iPhone and find out if there's going to be a MacOS version. Overall, this game is great and literally everything about it is great!

Hey SneakyBoy, thank you for trying our demo! And thank you for the encouraging words!

In regards to your question, an iPhone and Mac version are planned! We just usually save all the Apple stuff for towards the end of development. Android is just easier for me to do quick testing for mobile.

Again, thank you for your kind words and we hope you look forward to the final release!