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Hello, this is the game I have been working for in the past week.

Game/url: KALT

Information: A platformer where you leave your cave in search of firewood. controls are A - left D - right SPACE and W - jump

I'D like feedback on: The controls, I feel as if sometimes when I press space it does not work, I hope it is just my keyboard. And I would like to know if their are any bugs to be noted.

Hey, I just gave it a try, and I think it’s pretty good.

I did have some issues with jumping, mostly when already moving sideways. Total guess, but perhaps the keypresses are clashing.

I noticed that jumping when moving down a slope is not really possible, and I think that’s because the snowman is not directly on the ground.

I might be wrong, but that’s how it seemed to me, hopefully it lines up with what you experienced.

Great work!