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Day 8

I wish I had more time today, but I had a million things I needed to sort out before I could work on my game.


I improved the tree generation quite a bit. They’re now spread across the width of the level, and a little bit on the length, although not very much.

The camera has been positioned to track behind Coldy, so you can see the upcoming trees for longer, and avoid them.

I simplified the code for generating terrain pieces by just cloning the initial one, same as I did for trees.


I think I’m missing some multiplication by transform.position.localScale.z or something, because the trees spawn close together on the Z axis, and the terrain overlaps instead of being properly positioned end to end.

Now that you can see further ahead, you can see the trees popping into existence, partially because of the problem above.

Old trees still don’t get destroyed, and there are more of them now.

I’m hoping to make some improvements tonight, but I wanted to get my update done now, in case I don’t.