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Hello I'm Yunha / dotoriii and this is my 2nd time participating in MFGJ! During my first time participating I was the main artist/character designer for My Demon Date, a short visual novel about going on a date with a demon (wow!). This time I'm also doing art and character design for Rockstars with Cynthia as writer and programmer (Cynthia's a totally cool artist too btw). I looove to make game art and then making fanart for the game itself. It feels like infinite power to me.

To share a little bit about myself - I love playing all sorts of games! Especially ones with characters you feel like you can latch onto and draw a lot of fanart of (which is Pokemon Shield for me right now haha...) Anyways I hope to help make games that make people feel like that when they play them :^)

As for my own devlog bits I'll be posting here, I'll mostly focus on some of my own thought processes behind my art as well as me and Cynthia's collaborative ideas/concepts/etc. I hope to learn and figure out different ways to provide a cohesive art direction!


Moving on to the actual Rockstars dev content! Cynthia laid out the foundation for these characters with character/personality descriptions and mostly left me to visually interpret them myself. I initially started to sketch faces/figures one by one according to each character profile, but eventually I found it easier and  more freeing to just draw a bunch of concepts not totally tied to a certain character. This way we could pick and choose bits & pieces from the concept art to apply to each character. 

Here are those sketches I did: 

*note: for me when I design characters I usually just draw a bunch of heads floating around because it sets the direction for the rest of the design.

These sketches have numbers just so that it's easier for whomever I'm showing these to to refer back to instead of saying like "person with long hair that's shaded on the right middle side." After getting impressions and pointers from Cynthia, my next step is to make some more focused iterations using the feedback I've gotten.

Cynthia also provided these great sketches:

Ideas for an over-arching design theme of animals!

Color palettes for the whole group to convey color unity!

Thanks to Cynthia's strong sense of character direction and great writing I def feel like these characters are gonna turn out swell! :>