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Whoever made this obviously knows very little about chess.

There are no checkmates, you are able to capture your opponent's king, you can't castle, I doubt you can en passant, and you don't even have to get out of check.  There is a point system, but it makes no sense.  You just move pieces around, and you can't even tell what's what very well.  Kind of dumb.  This is a completely inaccurate and ridiculous way to play chess.  Go to if you want to play right.

Also, what do you do once you've captured all of your opponent's pieces??? 

Hello thank you for your comment.

This "chess" game was not made according to chess rules. Main reason for that is AI. It is so stupid that I could not implement some features because it would just destroy itself.

Of course that is no excuse for what I made (with my lack of skills).

With all that in mind I have updated this game to fix as many things as possible from what you wrote down (thank you for that)

In next update I will try to rework AI so it can handle more standard chess rules.

Thank you for playing and I hope that you will like this update at least a little bit.


chill out, sorry we arent all perfect like you.  Openfun i love the design, keep going, man

Thank you. For all of us every comment means a lot so we just want to do the best what we can :-)