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I've been meaning to give this a try since J does so much for the game jam community, and I'm glad I did! 

The opening lounge music was immediately relaxing and set the mood quite well. The romantic were cleverly introduced one by one via lining up to board a train, and through a brief, enlightening scene with the conductor. It was a lot more character and context than most dating sims provide before pushing the player to make a choice.

You know? This is my first Yuri game, and (perhaps unfortunately) it's really set the bar. Only Cassandra caught my eye at first, but soon just about every woman had me in the palm of her hand. I felt like the MC -- eager to talk, happy to be there, and ready to learn their life story. Every character  was well-developed and realistic, even reminding me of some older folks I know in real life. The only exception is perhaps the conductor -- who has less screen time even including her secret route. Since she chooses to maintain her sense of mystery, it's understandable that I came to be better acquainted with everyone else.

The MC is adorable by the way. Her sprite with the sparkling sunglasses does so much to delight me. I love the delicate balance of how she ogles the love interests, without being as outwardly thirsty as most dating game protagonists (unless I overtly choose to thirst). The writing makes it clear that she's gay through context and perspective, without needing to say it outright. (...She does say it outright in the ending with Iris, but I understand that's just a Thing People Say. :^) )

The journal is deeply charming, and motivated me to earn all the CGs in a single setting. And the TRAIN ATL where you guys coded the background to bounce, emulating a moving train!

The game is short and sweet, and very well-organized. The mysteries were straightforward, but I found them engaging enough for casual gaming. I'm getting the development PDF right now. The train milfs team has done plenty to inspire me, and wherever its members go in the future, I hope they keep making games. 

Love, Wudgey ♥