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This game is really great, i love the art style, ambient music and the quirky back and fourth with L-P1N and Edric. This game is really unique and the touch of steampunk is really cool like its the beginning of an age for technology and experimentation and a cure for the "Great Rot" you feel as if your groundbreaking something really special in the game.

 Some of the downsides i experienced were that the jump seems a bit short in height or one minute you leap and the next barely hop, also L-P1N got stuck a few times and wouldnt go where commanded it did make some obstacles a little harder than they needed to be.

I cant wait to see more.

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback. We'll definitely investigate the L-P1N issue and start discussing player intent. 

Really glad you had a great time. We're offering an exclusive Kickstarter extended demo if that's something you'd be interest in 😊

Please feel free to share your video in our brand new subreddit:  😊