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Day 4

On my way home from work today, I was thinking about how I would need to replace my main character with something that looks like a person. Then, I thought, what if I just don’t?

A few seconds later I had completely rethought my game.

I’m now calling it The Last Glacier. You play as Coldy the ice cube, all that is left of the penultimate glacier. You’re aiming to reach the last glacier before you melt away completely. Sources of heat are hazards, snowdrifts, icy winds, and frozen lakes help keep you cool.

Ok, so, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself there.

I didn’t want to remove the campfire I spent so long working on the other day, but I couldn’t use it for the same thing if the main character is an ice cube, so I replaced it with an igloo, that only took me 26 agonizing minutes to make in Blender. It’s not perfect, but, well, look at the rest of the game. :)

I moved on to creating a secondary character, currently named Melty Guy in the scripts and asset titles, but I need a better name. This one only took me 19 minutes!

Melty Guy is the only other remaining part of the glacier you were once part of, and at the beginning of the game he is melting by a campfire. He urges you to go on without him and unite with the last glacier. I haven’t implemented dialogue yet, so there are just Debug.Log() messages that you can see in the console for now.

As you can probably see, I have switched the ground color to green, to represent grass instead of the grey used for snow before. Coldy is semi-transparent. I’ve added a wall between Melty Guy and the campfire to prevent you from moving down any further.

I want to give some more indicators that you should move up the screen, but I can figure those out later. I need to determine if I still need an inventory, and get rid of it if not. I need to implement some on-screen way of having conversations with at least Melty Guy.

After that, I need to look at generating terrain. It would be pretty cool to do something like Race The Sun does with its level generation, but I don’t want to eat up all my time on just that, if I could replace it with a small tailored experience.