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Hello fizzd,

I'm Saiko from youtube channel.
I watched Felps video (my friend) and i want to know, why his version of the game is different from this one.
I also wanted to ask for the newest version of the game, or the version that Felps played, to post on my channel and entertain my subscribers.
If not, can you send me (free) the game when it is full released?

I promised my subscribers that I would get a newer version of the game. this was mentioned in the video where I played the demo.

I await an answer.

You can reply this post or send me a reply at the following email:

See you later,


(sorry for the english btw)

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Saiko então... eu não sei o caso do felps mas tem como comprar essa versão acessando esse site : *sou teu fan :D*

Se precisar de ajuda me manda um pedido de amizade no discord ou entra no servidor deles

Discord : Eclipse_Fluvvy#5901

Servidor : Só por o link em uma abá e entrar