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No problem!

I think the game is very unique, I like the art style, and it has a good concept

I just wish the game had a more enticing win condition and that there was more depth to the interactions between players. For instance, maybe the goal could be to collect x amount of [insert special item] to win, or maybe like a king of the hill where one person has the crown, and if they get knocked into the ocean, they lose the crown and someone else can pick it up (which I guess is kinda what the game is already, but I think the frenzy to pick up the crown instead of just giving it to the next person in line would be pretty fun). You could just simply put a time limit on the already-existing mode to put some more urgency on getting the top leaderboard spot

As for more depth to player interactions, I mostly just mean having more items, which I'm certain will come over time. The two items currently available are just, like, traps, right? I think it would be really interesting to have some more offensive items like some kind of projectile or something similar to a mario kart blue shell. Maybe you could also do something like spread your wings to block other players? but doing so makes you walk slow? idk. 

And maybe you could choose different birds with different perks? Like a sandpiper could be smaller and faster, but not pick up as many coins. Or a pelican could be bigger and slower, but it grabs a ton of coins when it pops its head in the sand. Just spitballing that one.

It would also be nice to like customize your seagull and have a username so you can recognize who you're playing with, but, again, I'm sure that's already something you're working on.

I also really want a squawk button like in Untitled Goose Game or Duck Game.

That's all I got off the top of my head at the moment. I think the game is amazing, like I said. I love the idea and the art and pretty much everything about it. I really want this game to get big because I know it can be a lot of fun.

I think we definitely always want the game to never have a specific win condition, but I do think like you mentioned there would be ways to spice up the king of the hill style play we have in the game now. I don't think players would be able to directly drop the crown, but I do think that if a player with a crown dies, they drop some portion of their total collected gold and other players can rush towards to to try to get ahead!

I also like your suggestions for player items! Both right now are definitely trap like, and we definitely want more item diversity (and maybe even loadouts??). Something offensive for example we though of was the ability to spawn a shark in the water the leaps from the water to attack seagulls near the water's edge. Or an RC car that pushes seagulls in it's path. So we're definitely thinking here as well. I also like the spreading wings idea. Very goose like :)

We also DEFINITELY want different birds. We haven't really considered them as having different skills, but that's totally possible. What we do want is cosmetics though, so maybe those can have properties instead and you equip them?

And there is a secret squak button we added in the latest version! Press Y on your controller or G on your keyboard for a random squak sound.

And thanks for your support and thoughtful comments in general! We're definitely keeping this game on a slow burn as the team focuses on other projects, but want to see if we can get more people playing it over time (it's free!) and start to iterate more as more players come in.

Sounds good my dude. I have high hopes for this game :P