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Was pointed out to me by one of my discord users who picked up the game:

Potential bug: Completing the v0.5 storyline allows you to continue the game in sandbox mode in order to continue exploring and trying new things. For whatever reason, I've been locked out by the Record Keeper who claims I still need to see my Mentor, which I've already done. Nothing I've been able to do will get the Record Keeper off of that loop.

Potential cause: I had a mission accepted before going to Ridgethorn (sp?) Village that I never started or completed. Hunting Garuda or something of that extent. That's the only thing I had that involves the Mentor-- perhaps it might be the cause.

QoL: When navigating menus, it would be a huge QoL improvement to return to the character listing after backing out of spells/equip/status menus. As of now, it goes all the way back to the menu order, and you have to select spells/equip/status again to return to the character listing.

Nitpicking: Could be my system, windowed mode, or an optimization issue, but my FPS crashes on a large critical strike, sometimes accompanied by a quick, horizontal black line across the screen. Mostly seen in the Arashiya Forest

Thanks for pointing out these things!

I'm guessing that person is in Drakewood House? It happened to one of the streamers I know as well and I have fixed that bug in the version I am working on now. Thank you for the QoL suggestion as well! I will make sure to do that. Thank you for letting me know about the FPS crash as well, I will see what I can do. ^-^


they have verified drakewood house yes :) Good to know it's already been identified and looked into.