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I'm kinda curious, this has a dating sim/persona feel to it, but it lacks something both have: Stats. I was wondering if social stats were in the works of being added because I think it would give the player other things they can do during the day than talk to girl or manage hotel then go to sleep. It would also just go really well with the fact they go to the university as it makes it so it shows you are going to your classes and you're benefiting from it. Stats could help your grow faster with certain girls too and maybe even some could help with hotel stuff.


Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback!

Initially when designing the game, we did have personality stats in mind with mini-games to help progress those stats. And those stats affecting your hotel progress and interactions with the girls also.

However, as we delved further into development, we became concerned with how big of a scope the addition of stats/mini-games created. So to save on development time, and to prioritise the work done on the hotel mini-game and progression with the girls, we decided to remove the stat and mini-game features.