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Just downloaded the game and tried it.

Damn, i like it! really nice visuals, and the flight feels smooth and satisfying. Tried it with a logitech f310 gamepad, and it worked flawlessly.

I'm running on a i3 2100, r9 280 and 8GB ram @1333hz. The framerate never went below 30, and i'd say it averaged on about 40, very high setting at 1080p.

All i can say for now, is that adding some hud indicator for the recharge state of the missles would be really usefull (like the way the missile silouhette fills up in the AC games).

Again, really liked it, keep up the good work man!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hopefully the future versions of the game will run better than the current version :)

This video I made a few months ago should outline some of the changes coming in the next version.

And there's much more improvements coming up!


Nice, lots of good stuff.
Can't wait to see how this project unfolds!