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Big fan of what you're done here! Can I get the docs for the output JSON file schema? I'd like to be able to integrate the output into my own programs. Specifically, I'm interested in the mapping between the door type integers and their semantic meaning, e.g. normal, secret, etc. Thanks!

This is not a real project to have "docs" :P 

But here is an excerpt from my code with values for different door types:

public static inline var EMPTY      = 0;
public static inline var NORMAL     = 1;
public static inline var ARCHWAY    = 2;
public static inline var STAIRS     = 3;
public static inline var PORTCULLIS = 4;
public static inline var SPECIAL    = 5;
public static inline var SECRET     = 6;
public static inline var BARRED     = 7;

Exactly what I was after. Thanks!