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Thanks for your comment and your report! I have an idea of what's going wrong with a third party lib.

It requires Oracle Java right? just want to get it working on my Ubuntu computer.

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Yep, version 8 or later, sorry about that ^^'

Edit: I tried to run the game with the Open JDK 13 and it worked, which version of the jdk did you used?

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I used OJDK 8 9 11

Edit Just tried to use 14 as well so it only works with 13?

Edit 2: I also tried 13 right now so it might be a problem with my computer

Link to error meesage:

Yes it seems to be a problem with your computer, the error message "Inconsistency detected by" have something to deal with a corrupted library file in your installation 😮

Welp Crud time to reinstall java sorry for my issue

No problem! Thanks for playing the game!

Figured it out had to do a full wipe and reinstall

And you have to have lsb installed it might be a good idea to add that you might need to run sudo apt install lsb for ubuntu

As far as i know lsb stands for Linux standard base. It is included (and must be) in most of linux distributions

It works now :D

To the content creator to make some mods, Its fun to play and out of the box modding tools were ingenious Congrats again.

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Thanks :D

There is still a lot of work, I have a lot of ideas to implements and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Just wondering is there a place to post mods for this fun game

Actually not! I plan to transform this comment section into topics when this is going to be required, so maybe it's time. One of the topic would be for sharing mods, but I have no idea on how to physically upload files unless sharing links to random upload websites. One long term solution would be a dedicated website, but it's a lot of work, another long term solution would be an in-game catalog with a central server, I need to think about it and consider feedback!