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Just wondering is there a place to post mods for this fun game

To the content creator to make some mods, Its fun to play and out of the box modding tools were ingenious Congrats again.

It works now :D

And you have to have lsb installed it might be a good idea to add that you might need to run sudo apt install lsb for ubuntu

Figured it out had to do a full wipe and reinstall

Welp Crud time to reinstall java sorry for my issue

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I used OJDK 8 9 11

Edit Just tried to use 14 as well so it only works with 13?

Edit 2: I also tried 13 right now so it might be a problem with my computer

Link to error meesage:

It requires Oracle Java right? just want to get it working on my Ubuntu computer.

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This game is fun to play and the control scheme isn't crazy like some other games making it a fun experience.But i have been having problems where it won't boot the application when using openJDK.