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im so glad you liked it! this is such a nice comment, thank you for writing it!

jazz is a fun character and i'm glad you appreciate her! i did my best to make sure the game was more "watching over a girl making a friend and maybe falling in love" than "dating people through her"

the families were also a huge part of the game, glad you liked that too! if you wanna imagine how their lives go on, you're free to imagine that yourself. have fun with it!

i'm also really glad you liked the mental health representation! i don't have much to say aside from thank you, except for like, when i was drawing carol's sprites, i went "it's not physically possible for someone to blush this hard" and then i said to myself "he's so embarrassed his blood defies physics," so that's why he's so flustered. i hope you liked both him and noct!

thank you again for your comment, and i'm glad you liked it!

i hope i can live up to your expectations from now on!