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Hello there.
I have played your game and made even a Video about it. Sadly kinda bad quality cause my PC is not really that good. I would appreciate some graphics settings. So that people also with less strong PC's like mine gain a better experience from your game. Yet I have to say still, this game is beautiful. I enjoyed myself very well with it. Mostly cause of the jumping. I have no idea why that was funny to me. Also I have to say that the game has a certain charm. Though the music at the end is kinda... let's say underwhelming. Anyway, if your curious for my video then please have a look here.

Thank you so much! We loved watching your Let's Play. Would you mine sharing your tech specs with us so we can work more on optimisation?

Sure no problem. My current specs are as followed:

Radeon RX 460  4GB

i5-4460 CPU  Quad Core 3.20GHz


If I missed something then just tell me. Not everyday I am asked for my specs.

Also glad you enjoyed my video.

Thank you! Please feel free to share your video in our brand new subreddit:  😊