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Once again you made a great game and once again i played and recorded it. Keep up the work. I really mean it, these game are great.

This was very short but not that bad.

Once again. I see a Zed Technician game and I can't say how glad I am. These games are always rather charming to play. Thanks for doing these.

This was... a ride to say the least

Okay, maybe late to the party but I recorded this as a game recommandation from a friend of mine. It was not that bad. Especially the sound design was great here. You could always tell where he was.

Hi there. I tried your game. It's not a bad game. I admit that. Considering it's early development stage but. So far it's really easy to avoid Charlie and the game often lows down to a crawl. Which is a bit sad. Still not the worst game considering it's stage of development.

This game was short sweet and to the point. I did enjoy this one actually quite a bit.

Yep, I returned to this game. Thank you for notifying me about the update. This time It ran so much better and I had like no issues. Volume I could just decrease a bit and I was all fine then. I liked it.

No problem.

Hi there, I made once again a video about your latest game. It could have been a bit harder but hey, the game was still fun.

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Hello, so... I played this game since I played the first version of this as well.

Now I will not complain for like an endless wall of text since the video should speak for itself. Still I have to ask... mainly the developer here. Is that how he reacts of did I actually break the game? If so... I would wish to know more. Since this felt more like a glitch then how it is meant to be played.

Also yes I figured out AFTER I stopped recording that in the options is a difficulty setting. Now I am not sure if it has something to do with that but his aggression was out of this world.

Hello, I tried this game like the first two on my channel.

But I am not sure if I broke the game... or if I did something else wrong. But I could not continue. Still the change to 3D is quite impressive.

Hello Lixian. I saw your game and decided to play it.

It was pretty good it even got me and I am pretty hard to scare. Yet I have to say that you may wanna reduce the volume a little here and there. Cause my ears actually hurt after some of the spooks. Still, otherwise you did a really good job.

No worries.

Hello, I tried this game it was short and to the point. Not bad at all. I make a video about it.

Hello, this game is pretty good. I am actually more impressed then I expected. Short and sweet.

And I return once more for one of your games. Holy crap. I still don't know how you do it that your games are so good. I actually will play more of this on my channel.

Hello, I played this game. I wanted to play it already a while ago but I forgot about it. Now I did play it and gosh this is an amazing Demo.
Keep up the good work. I could not even cut my video cause I think this deserves to be seen completely.

Hello, I tried this game out for a video. It was not bad, I liked the game mechanic. But I have to admit. At one point I guess I was just to dumb to figure out how to continue. Still, pretty good game.

Hello, I return once more to one of your games. Your games are really weird but still a delight to play. Keep on going, this is really fun to play them.

Saw the game and I am a fan off some Halloween movies. So I thought, why not. I play it. Even if I may have broken the game on my first attempt no idea.

I made a video about this. I thought there was more but, it's still short and sweet.

Hello, this game was recommended to me. So I decided to make a video about it. It's not a bad game. I admit that. Still I seem to always miss the scares.

Hello there. I found your game and well, I have been playing a lot of Siren Head games for my channel so far. But this one is actually pretty good. I have seen at least Siren Head. Not like In some other games. I made a video and even gave me own little statement at the end of it. So if people are interested. You can find my video below.

No problem.

Hello, I played your game due to a recommandation from a friend.

I saw that I already had played prior to this your other game. The man from the window and I can say that I enjoyed this game as well. Like last time I made another video about it. This clearly was slower paced but I still had fun.

Hello, I am playing this game for my channel.

I actually enjoy it quite a bit. I hope the development will continue nicely. In case your curious here is my video also yes I am not the best editer yet.

Hello, I saw your game and decided to play it for a video.

It was pretty good, I liked it to be fair.

I admit. I am usually not someone who plays these type of games but... this really was interesting.

I played this game in my video and it was short yet really really good. I mean it.

Hello, I played your game and I even played the first version of it.

Now... I would be very glad if there would be some more sound adjustments cause that really just hurt my ears... which is not good.

You wanna spook your audience not make them go deaf.

Hello, I played your game due to a recommandation by a friend. Now... I am not entirely sure what happened but I sadly could not finish the game. Yet I made a video for my channel. In case you are interested.

No problem.

Hello, I played this game and at first it really caught me of guard but this was pretty good. I even made a video.

I tried this game and good lord. It was not what I expected. I even made a video about it.

Hello, I played this game cause I have a bit of a history with Siren Head games. But yeah I just say that I was lost beyond believe and that my video speaks for itself.

Heyllo, the game started well but towards the end... fuck.... I just say my ears are still ringing... Still, I made a video about it.

Hello again.

I tried your new game since I did enjoy the first version so much. Also thanks for notifying me about it.  Yet, I have some complains here, one of the major ones is the punishment for death. Still, not a bad game. I even made a new video about it.