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Simply awesome. I realy loved this. Specialy one level, even if I could not finish it. Thank you so very much for makeing this game. A+

Not bad I realy like the design of the game.

Not bad but I can't believe that I got caught by that.

No problem. As I said. It is still very good.

Not bad, I am just not good enough as it seems. Still good game.

Very nicely done. It got one of my best scares and screams out of me.

No problem. I am glad when I can spread the word.

I like it alot. Just wished there would have been more in the demo. Otherwise nice done.

Here is also my video.

This game is fairly interesting. I do have to say that. Sure there is some kinks to fix and some dents to bust out but so far I can say, very good concept and idea.

Great game. I enjoyed myself.

Hello, a friend suggested this game to me and I can only say it woke up my biggest fear. Still nicely done.

Hello, I appreciate the effort and the style of the game. I sadly have to say that.

Now this is what I call quite interesting.

Thanks for making it.

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Not bad. I realy enjoyed myself, thanks for making this.

Amazing. Realy, I had so much fun with this xD