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Hey this is my favorite game from the entries that I've played. It looks like you used spine - did you buy the full version?

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Hello my friend, thank you so much. Spine is an amazing software (I'll try later, but the free version is very limited to test stuff), so I'm using spriter2d: https://brashmonkey.com/

Both are bone animation based.

Ah ok, I have spriter but never got around to trying it with libgdx. It looked like there was some setup involved...was it easy?

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It is easy to use it with libgdx, you only need to export your animation as a .png spritesheet (horizontal or/and vertical frames) and create an Animation with all frames, so in code just do a TextureRegion.split and fill the Animation with all frames, you can see my code here (line 176-186): Code

Hope it helps! ;D

I see, so you used spriter but it's just a normal libgdx animation and not a smoother interpolation between frames.