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Just downloaded this game about an hour ago for 10 bucks. It's an Early, EARLY ACCESS game, but what's there felt smooth. I can't complain, though there isn't much around to complain about to begin with. I haven't ran into any bugs or anything, at least.

Just keep doing what you do, dude. This is pretty fun, and I love that you put the F/A-18E in.

Thank you very much for the contribution! I really appreciate it!

I will definitely iron out all the minor stuff and definitely add content in the future.


I should probably stick this in here as well:

GeForce GTX 760, Intel i7 3770k, 16GB of RAM.
The game never dropped below 30fps, even when I got to the conflict zones and had up to 30+ enemies on my screen at a time. And this is at maximum everything mode.