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Would be great if I could get it to not load fullscreen. Framerate is not great on intel 915 on a Linux laptop at 1440p, and I figure a smaller window would work better.

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Let me try to find a solution for you. I will get back to you.

First off, you can try to hold the alt-key when starting the game. A resolution dialog should pop up.

Otherwise hat you could try (while we try to get the grip on a more definite solution) is try to use the following command line arguments:
Override the default full-screen state. This must be 0 or 1.
Override the default screen height. This must be an integer from a supported resolution (e.g. 720).
Override the default screen width. This must be an integer from a supported resolution (e.g. 1280).

So run it with -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-height 720 -screen-width 1280

If you are not familiar with command line options, let me know.

Thanks! I forgot about alt for unity games!