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I made a browser game for one simple reason: I can't build and test on windows or mac (I'm using Linux). And though I can put effort into setting up a build system for windows the fact that I still can't test it afterwards just makes it too much of a risk.

This also means that I am pretty much limited to testing browser games, and the same is true for any other Linux users. I'm currently going through all the games that are labeled as having a Linux version though to help offset it a bit. However, while doing so I discovered that there are quite a few games that just aren't well packaged for Linux.

Some downloads are labeled for both Windows and Linux, but only contain a .exe
Some are packaged inside a .rar file. (Means that I can't use my normal archiving software)
There was one game that had the name of its binary start with a dot (.). Meaning it was hidden, it also was packaged inside a rar file so I actually ended up wasting quite a bit of time trying to figure out why I was missing files.

I'm guessing that I'm not the only Linux user out there who experiences these issues, and looking at the amount of mac games I'm guessing that their experience isn't much better. So I totally get it if they just stop caring about downloads and play browser games instead.