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Great stuff! The logic of the game makes sense, which is crucial for knowing what to do, and let me think for myself once I understood the commands the game doesn't tell you are all nouns that also make sense (although alternatives such as GET to include "TAKE" would've been nice). It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to do something with the music box! - maybe put it also in the HELP command for inexperienced text adventurers?

It should also be noted I found music and sound options, but no audio played on Firefox version 72. I guess the game really didn't have them since it's a jam?

That aside, loved how the game felt to play. The font (I got here thanks to the author posting a link) gave a spooky, not scary vibe that complemented the modern, less serious tone; and the dithered pictures were absolutely stunning, although not 100% accurate to the game, such as the forest picture (while there's no "path", the sunlit background was dreamy to look at).

To summarize, I enjoyed this. Compared to a visual novel, I actually have to think to make a choice!


Thanks for the comments! And I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Maybe it can be easier (using more synonyms and offering more help) but as you said it's a short (and rushed) game made for a jam. BTW, there's no audio in this game, the engine allows that but I decided to make a classic and soundless game.