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When you boost, sometimes small gaps between platforms, that you normally go smoothly over, catch you for a second.

Yes, this bug happens because I use the collision polygon of the same character object that gets a sprite rotation while you boost/do a wheeling.

Please let us know what the pickups do. I assume the lightning bolt (Thunder Boost) is Auto-Boost and collecting 10 steaks refills one life. What does the pink steak do?

That's probably a good suggestion, so here it is:

Pink Steak gives invincibility against cats for 10s.

Thunder Boost gives an auto-boost for 10s.

Clock item keeps cats stuck for 10s. They sit down, and won't move during that time.

Why is there one on the top of the screen?

This is actually a hidden/secret feature, hehe.

If you click/tap 10 times on it, game will spawn an infinite amount of steak on the map for a few seconds.
If you're playing on a device with a keyboard, you may also enter the Konami code to trigger it: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

Thank you very much for taking time to write this post, and share your thoughts.
I pretty much appreciate that!

Anyway since I released this game like 2 years ago, I won't give it any update as it was my first released game.
I will probably work on new runner one day, but I doubt about working on an update for this one. Sorry about that.