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Thank you for your kind reply! Indeed, I played a very early version, a free alpha version if I remember correctly.

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Yes you have right it was very very early version of the game shared for free during indiegogo campaign, and since there there was like giant changes in game :)  Added mining crystal, bioweeds, totally camera system change  we have been working for 2 years more after that demo on polishing the game :)

I just purchased it. :) I'll follow your recommendation and play on "easy" then. Thanks!

Great to hear that is seems like you are our first customer on !! :) 

Sure :) Easy in our game is like standard in other games :) if that will be too easy for you then you could always change to standard ;)

Do I get a price for being the first purchaser? ;)

I look forward to play your game!

By the way The End of the Sun seems very interesting as well. I like games that put emphasis on folklore and I don't know much about slavic culture. :)

I'm happy that you also interested in The End of The Sun :) Even if you know nothing, you probably now The Witcher 3 that was highly based on slavic culture and mythology, I would say most of creatures there are from slavic myths.   But overall our game is story driven game, so probably will be good for anyone who likes good story / myster / puzzle and detective games :)

I could give you access to full quality soundtrack too ;) As first purchaser.