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Ouch wish I could run this, 25 frames on average and ran out of memory in 30 minutes. I think I graduate for mid-tier on the computer scale: AMD A10-6700, R5 240, 8GB RAM, 8.1 x64. Tried Radeon Pro, doesn't seem to affect it. Would try Razer but didn't have much luck using that with other games at all.The camera sometimes shakes a lot when turning hard, guess due to low frame rates. What's the speed format, kmh or knts? I wanna lean on kmh. But yeah, it is GPU intensive. Guess it's time to upgrade @.@

Hey Hitch,

I haven't had a report for out of memory on any video card yet. Is it a consistent occurence?

Optimization is something I'm currently working on. The speed is currently on Metric (km/h and meter)

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi RB, I tried reseating the card and haven't seen another memory issue yet,I tried shifting from another few games (DCS then Arma) then booted up Wingman and only noticed slight stuttering from heavy use. I used Radeon Pro with OverDrive enabled using the max clock and memory, maybe I allocated too much memory to the game. Restarted and haven't got one again. I stare at the menu and get 15 frames on my native res (1024x1280). Friend of mine suggested D3D9Ex for memory leaks..? I dunno exactly, but you more than me about memory compiling. Maybe that would help you. I suggest maybe a choice of a static menu versus an animated one? It'd certainly cut back the lag. I don't know how UE4 works, does it support LOD and trilinear filtering? Like I said I don't know much about the whole game programming, just from what I learned from ones I played. I understand that most game engines don't take too kindly to lower end AMD products, but do you have any suggestions I could use in Radeon Pro to get that working or just Crimson Settings and tweak profiles? I have a few of these graphic setting choices that might help in the long run if you haven't already have these planned:

-Disable clouds (or add a slider to decrease their density)

-View Distance slider or value to input, X amount of meters squared. Static and objects.

-Phys X for Nividia. Pretty sure you can grab an SDK right?

-Particle settings. Then again, crappy rig.

-HDR and other lighting settings. Looking at god rays especially when you look up towards the sun behind the jet.

-Audio samples, from 16-32-64 etc etc, that'd cut back on lag a bit too maybe.

-AI count, a total, then sides min/max. A majority of the lag I could assume would be the multitude of 30 something friendly AI, maybe cut half of that vs the enemy air forces. I probably got that number wrong but holy crap it's like Independence day with the amount of planes on my side in that scene where they're attacking the mother ship xD

And those are the only ones I can think of that isn't the pretty much basis settings that should be in a game. And can I ask when a local settings file to keep video settings and such going to be implemented? Do you have any recommendations to manually adjust files to disable some settings to help? I don't know if has a direct message system but it'd be great to talk more on that. Really interested in this, I wanna see this made onto Steam, green lighted, with a huge multiplayer pop one day and a fanbase with clans and then some. If you have any more questions for me I'll be more than happy to see what I can do. Thanks!