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hello 72 wanted to know weather I could run my token thru your machine? It’s a cryptocurrency I have 10000 made so I would want to make 10000 characters that have the transaction code 

Cool idea, No sure is the app is exactly what you need but maybe you can use it as a starting point.

Feel free to download the source code (it's minified but I've just checked and it seams quite readable after unminifying automatically - unfortunately I lost the original code as some point) and mess with it:

Things I think might be a pain point for you, making it unsuitable without some additional work:

- The number string that is associated with each character is not some kind of seed or anything like that but just each 2 characters represent a category of items - less useful in your case

- it is not guaranteed that 2 different charters tokens are not identical (some parts might cover another ones, changing heir color when no hair etc.) - this is probably more problematic for you.

That being said 10000 is not much and there is definitely more unique characters there.

In any case good luck.

(If I misunderstood the question and you've just asked about permission than: yeah, sure you can : ))

Yes understood very well think you for responding so fast