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i just really want to say, wow! thank you for this game, it's fantastic! 

the characters are so cute and charming, and alex has legitimately said some of the sweetest things i've ever seen in romance! their interactions were so cute, and i loved seeing red and alex resolve to try and interact with others more! and seeing how red's family accepted alex, and hearing alex talk about how he would teach red wolf, and 'my red' and 'my alex'... there's too much to talk about, and i'm not even halfway done!

the art is so wonderful too! i legitimately stopped to stare at the title screen for several seconds before actually playing the game because of how good it was! the blinking sprites were a nice touch, i loved the look of the backgrounds and the sprites, and you even put in the effort to make the lighting on the cg and the trees in the foreground and the fire move! the little details like that and the characters looking towards the cursor just show how much care went into the game!

and we can't forget the point and click elements! that was super impressive, especially when i noticed things like dialogue changing in red's home depending on when you saw it, and again, the art being integrated into it, and the puzzle! 

thank you again for this game! i had the biggest smile on my face when i got the perfect ending! this really made my day!

Thank you very much!! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game, it means a lot to me!!

(super late response ahhh sorry!! and for such a nice comment too ><