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I just found out that both the gpu and the cpu are not working at full potential eventhough the fps limiter is on unlimited.

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Hi INSERT, Thanks for giving it a play through!

Good to hear that 21:9 resolution works nicely :)

Rebindable controls and possibly joystick support is something I will work on in the future.

Flares will go under a major revision sometime in the future. I did go a bit overkill on the flares for the enemy (though they dont actually do much). I'll work on it further eventually.

Variety is definitely something that will be increased as I make more assets :)

Difficulty will certainly be worked on in the future.

I'm still considering the possibility of including a AoA unlimiter. I've rewritten the flying code a little bit so it may pave the way for that feature in the future. Not confirmed yet though.

The enemy selection is already visible on the radar though it is rather vague by just blinking on and off. I'll work on making it more intuitive in the future.

I'm aware of all the menu suggestions, I'll bring something like that the further I get into development.

As for your FPS limiter, I've just been informed that there's apparently a bug with the "Unlimited" option. Try setting it to "144" as that will limit your fps to the value of 144.

Thank you!

I also uploaded a video on some of the feedback that came in for this particular demo a few months ago :)

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Wow thats a huge iprovement !!

I already adore the new hud gives all the information you need while being not overly intrusive. Will the shown version be available on itch for further testing? If so when will that be, because I would play the heck out of the night mission and the SU 27 :D

I just figured you could give some coparable stats to every plane in terms of manuverability, speed, and weapons capability as well as their function in real life ;).

Edit: maybe its a SU 35/37 I cant really tell :D

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Oh definitely! The hangar will most likely receive an overhaul at some point as I'm not too happy with it at the moment.

New demo will come in due time. :)

(It's a Su-27)


Thanks for the answer :)

I will eagerly await the new version! (and the SU27 thank you for the hint).

For now I will play the demo more. If I find something I will let you know.

I have done some new FPS tests based on the unlimited fix:

2560x1080 145 FPS

3440x1440 80 FPS

5120x2160 (DSR) 35 FPS