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My only critique is related to gameplay on Android. You have the option to "skip" dialogue on playthroughs past your first. Sometimes when I clicked "skip" it ZOOMED through the dialogue so fast I couldn't even stop it if I wanted to. There's also no option to go back in case I had entirely missed what I had skipped. I wish there was like, an undo button? But just for the skipping. And when it did pause to let me pick who to spend the day with, there wasn't an "off" function for the skipping. So it would zoom through the next even if I wanted to reread a section.

Spoilers below!

My favorite ending (surprisingly?) was the ending where I spent all my time with the Lady. I liked having a nonromantic, nonfamilial option to forge a new relationship. My next fave was the ending where I got to have TWO boyfriends. Polyamory representation in games, in media, in wherever is nonexistent. This made me feel seen, just by having this option. I think the "single minded" ending is what really broke my heart, but also taught me an important lesson. You can't just neglect your other friends when you're pursuing a love interest without serious repercussions. Friends as just as important as romantic partners.

The extra content, the multiple other stories, I think, were also really important to me understanding the characters. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite extra story. It almost feels as if they should be it a second novel, not just bonus content that people might feel is optional to read. I think in order of importance it's Mom comes for a visit, Dad and the Lady learn of the boy's relationship, the trio discuss their childhood, horror movie night, and private moment. It's not that private moment isn't juicy!! It's just not as integral to my understanding of the plot...The bonus content you can buy is also highly recommended - aka the art books, both SFW and NSFW.

Other bits I love:
How the "talking" sound bits are different for Tomai, Malik, and Burdoc.
The art! both characters and backgrounds!
The dreams!
Realistic family interactions with incredible depth!
The setting! I would love more stories in this world!

Hmmm, not sure where this Skip problem is coming from because there SHOULD be a back button as well as the game being set to not skip unseen dialogue by default! There should also be an option in the options menu related to your skip button so you can customize what it does, and there should also be a "history" section in the menu that allows you to see text you've potentially missed.

Turning the skip "off" is simply pressing the skip button again, I believe? Never had anyone complain of this problem before so I wonder if it's something to do with your phone or device? Very strange.

Anyways, I'm glad you liked the game and enjoyed the extra stories! I super appreciate your thoughtful comment and am glad you seemed to enjoy all the characters and their interactions! X) Wish I had more to say but really I am just glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate the support and glowing recommendation! :D