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(0.12.11) Dillema: No amount of containers is enough

There is no way right now to cap, for example, how much of minerals or ice mining lasers prospect. This always results in more container being needed all the time.
I think that a list of max global resources would be better than manual "Ignore Resource" drag&drop panel.  In this scenario given resources would be just be placed in ignored state every time when specific quantity is met


Glad you mentioned that, it will be added after save/load mechanism i'm currently working on :) 

Also, I'll alter drag'n'drop, it's plain bad atm.

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Please don't go overly complicated with game saving. Start small, release, expand/fix later. Don't try to save complex stuff from the start (let game lose some data); saving/loading just structures, resources and where/how many units there are - will be more than enough for now! Even just structures will be ok for first release.
I say that because serialization can easily become very complicated, especially when you  want to save graphs (ai planning states) or object references (guaranteed duplicates when deserialized naively) - headache^2, don't even go there right now!


Oh I remember the pain I had with restoring references between saved objects in previous game I made (Pixel Pirates 3D) :D
Just like you said, I'm making it simple and  may leave it that way with a bit of storytelling:

'You're not loading the game, but moving through time and space, generating energy blast wherever you happen to appear. Everyone there stops in confusion'

Going back to progress I made - I have already saving of station grid (build modules & trusses), mining settings  and units. Before releasing first version I wish to add saving of devices (with their content), planned constructions, earned cash and current cycle.

Second release will have asteroids, contracts & visitors

That is great I was worried you might get stuck on this one (as anyone easily can)


It's done :) You can now set limit on each minned resource