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Run into a couple of bugs.

#1:  When you go to meet with the mercenary captain, an exception comes up.

#2:  The abbess appears among the kobold horde after you had sacrificed her to the Old Ones.  She was gifted to the kobolds prior.

#3:  After having some fun with the Inquisitrix, the time indicator disappears.  Events make it reappear.

Feedback on gameplay:    I find myself constantly reloading.  This is because there are various locations in the world that still drain time, even when they don't offer any content or bonuses.  It would be preferable if they weren't available after being exhausted, or didn't require time.

Time loss is also inconsistent.  Some prisoners or locations take time, others don't.

Having a number by locations to indicate how much time is required would be helpful for making informed choices.   For variable time allotments, something like  "1-3", could be used to show that it is dependent on player choices how much time is consumed. 

Picking a lair is a bit difficult, because the benefits of one over another isn't clear.