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this game pretty much simulated what happens to me when I have a nervous breakdown, I know you said don't play it if you have depression/anxiety but I did anyway. this game really hit hard and needless to say it was amazing. I literally cried pretty much the entire time and I really did learn something about my thought process. this game probably saved my life and I know that's overdramatic, but I will tell myself to follow the light (haha) when im surrounded by darkness. I have most of the same thought as what was said in the game, and it told me that even though I may feel like nobdy cares and theres no meaning, I should still follow the light because out of the 7 billion people in the world, there must be at least one person who cares.

Really glad you enjoyed WTDC and that it helped you out. Thank you for sharing your experience! May you always follow your light. :)