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I somehow manage to finish the rough playable prototype in the last hours.

And submitted it. The internet is still bad, but the game is uploaded.


Moral of the story so far; at least from my side:

  • I won't ever underestimate travel anymore. I always think like this: "Oh, I'm going to go to [some other city] at [date]. I can just bring my laptop and continue working there." NO. In my case, I should never think like that anymore. The place I stay has bad mobile phone signal and even when I use the best internet package available by my provider, it's not something I can rely on. Besides, it's just wrong to stay longer in the room than outside the room when in this occasion.
  • I slack off too much. There are 2-3 days I didn't touch the code. It doesn't mean I'm going to spend more hours writing codes and no play at all. I will still need a break now and then, but a little bit of work at the end of the day won't hurt. At least entering one or two sprite animation or do some programming notes.
  • Sometimes I think too much about parts that's not perfect, spending too much time in there and in the end making myself feel frustrated, which is not good.