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i'm really glad you liked it! 

oh, you need to get at least 3 romance points to reach the romance ending, the easiest way to do this is to pick at least one good answer and then pick the "NO NO MAYBE NOT" (paraphrased) option for the valentine's day choice.

since, well, MC is a tsundere, so you need to pick the tsundere options to date the guys. you'll know you've got enough if MC either calls him cute (Carol) or calls his smile blinding (Noct)

if this is like a problem, i'll make a walkthrough on the romance options available.

thank you for your comment, and i'm glad you liked the game!

Ah yeah! The Valentine's Day choice offered me the romance ending! Thanks! I'm onto the second love interest now. It's really nice that you can actually play as yourself in the game instead of having to just pander to a love interest's prefences. It's really great! Will totally recommend this to others! 

i'm glad! thank you very much!

the aim for MC was less having a player stand-in and more to have her own character, so it's less "dating someone through her" and more "watching her fall for someone who likes her back"

thank you again, i hope you like him, too!

(by the way, in order to unlock ALL the bonus content, the friendship endings are important too.)