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I want this to be a full game now. Physics are quite good, flight mechanic feels spot on and you can tell there are differences between jets, graphics are decent and performance is great on a GTX970/FX8350 @4.0Ghz/16GB RAM combo (Above 60FPS all the time at 1080p resolution).

AI's are very good mostly at the end of the mission and you can have some really cool dogfights with those nasty F15's.

Things to improve: explosions and overall particle effects (the colour of explosions are not as realistic and look "cartoonish" compared with the rest of the colour palette), sounds could have some more work (but not that are terrible at all, sounds work fine as they are now), the camera sometimes sticks to one side of the jet after a maneuver and you have to move the camera a bit to correct its position (add some fixed cameras to the back of the plane if possible), then the obvious texture work in the bases and cockpit of the planes (but you are working on that so that will be coming).

My major complain though...MORE MISSIONS!! And of course adding more maps/environments and planes/jets. (something that I'm sure you are wanting to do).

The best of luck with this project, it looks great, it plays great and it is fun and up to some points challenging. Great work and can't wait to see more of it in the near future. ;)

Thanks for giving it a playthrough!

I'm currently working hard to make this a full game. Hopefully it becomes a reality for me and you :)

I have been updating the game with more features and improvements and hopefully it improves the game in general with the added features. (Do note that this video is almost 2 months old)